Social Inclusion of Persons Returned from Imprisonment (Grundtvig II)

Social integration of persons returned from imprisonment”


“Social integration of persons returned from imprisonment”

Project duration:

01.08.2004 – 31.07.2005

Implemented organization:

Center for Integration of Criminals and Risk Groups


Elektrenai School of energetics, Lithuania

Association Lorraine d’Accompagnement des Adultes et des Jeunes en Insertion – Association Préformation Lorraine / ALAJI-APRELOR, France

Vocational Training Center DAFNI, Greece

Sources of funding:

Socrates Program – Grundtvig 2

Main goal:

The project “Social inclusion of persons returned from imprisonment” aims to prepare an educational program, with helps ex-prisoners to reintegrate into society and prevents them from further criminal behavior. The educational program would include: development of interpersonal skills, communication skills, and job hunting hints, encouragement of entrepreneurship, orientation in changing labor market, training on use of information and communication technologies, literacy courses, programs for psychosocial support and other related topics. The educational program will generalize experience of 4 countries and will be adaptable to other societies, too. The program will be prepared to be taught to prisoner and ex-prisoners.


– to exchange experience of social inclusion of prisoners in different countries; – to learn best practices; – to analyze methodology for education of prisoners and ex-prisoners used in other countries; – to develop educational program using experience of partner countries; – to deepen intercultural dialogue and cooperation; – to encourage lifelong learning; – to disseminate innovation and good practice.

Achieved results:

Developed a specialized program for professional training of persons, released from the prison

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