ReVoT project



Many countries in Europe have to meet the challenge to integrate refugees. Otherwise exclusion and social emergency would prepare the ground for social problems, criminality and extremism. Refugees may be a resource for acquiring qualified employees in some European countries. Learning the language of the host country and getting orientation is the first step, but entering the jobmarket is the second.

A successful integration in the job-market delivers not only the necessary material resources it enables to organize the life and to be integrated in social networks. CVET providers, NGOs and labor-administration offer a range of programs and projects targeting integration. But institutions often work alone and isolated. On the European level each country tries to meet the challenges of refugees’ integration in its own way and takes only distrustful looks over the borders.

Project aims

RevoT aims to:

  • Improve and expand the activities undertaken for integration of refugees by identifying good practices of vocational training and counselling for this target group
  • foster knowledge about and the understanding for the different situations and frameworks in the participating countries targeting the integration of refugees
  • enable the experience and in consequence deepen the mind that integration of refugees is an European challenge and task
  • support networking European wide under the topic integration of refugees


At the end we will publish a collection of best practices targeting the integration of refugees in the vocational training and furthermore in the jobmarket. You will find the booklet on our website. Moreover we will lay the foundation for an European wide network for the exchange about the integration of refugees and the later development of supporting projects.

Project name: ReVoT – Refugees in Vocational Training

Project number: 2016-1-DE02-KA202-00328


Coordinator: Volkshochschule Hannover, Germany


Files relevant to the project

Booklet of good practices “Way Forward – supporting Refugees’ Carreers“. Also available on the project website:

Project leaflet in German (Germany), Spanish, English, Dutch, German (Austria), Italian, Greek, Hrvatski (order of appearence on the project site)

DAFNI KEK presentation kick off meeting in Granada, Spain (2016)

Overview of situation of refugees in Greece (as of October 2016)

ReVoT project presentation

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