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The consortium which comprises this proposed RISE (Realising Integration through Social Enterprise) Project consists of VET institutions from seven countries: Austria, Germany, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Belgium and Ireland whose target groups are immigrants and long-term unemployed. Each institution has proven experience of delivering innovative activation solutions for long-term unemployed people and share a strong commitment to enhance integration opportunities for our immigrant populations. The partners from Ireland, Portugal, and Greece worked together on the EDGE project (Enhancing the Delivery of Guidance and Employability). The Romanian partner has extensive expertise in business education, while the German partner has substantial experience in monitoring and evaluation. Belgium also has acquired substantial expertise through its involvement in numerous projects in the last four years. The lead partner Austria (also part of the ERASMUS+ EDGE project) owes its reputation to a number of newly found social enterprises in Vienna.

The RISE Project aims to support the integration of long-term unemployed and immigrants into the labour market through the mechanism of social enterprise. It will adopt a dynamic and inclusive approach to the capacity building of individuals who have fewer opportunities by enabling them to become active agents in the enhancement of their personal, social and economic lives. The contention is that there is significant potential in the social enterprise model to bring about successful progression outcomes which will also be contingent on close collaboration with local business/enterprise experts.
The benefits of social enterprise are acknowledged by the EU Commission, which views the development of the social economy and social entrepreneurship as an important strategy in tackling the social exclusion of vulnerable people. These benefits are also highlighted in the SESBA (2016) report whose recommendations include the promotion of entrepreneurship through tailored training and mentoring and the identification of best practices to promote and support migrant entrepreneurship as well as the production of handbooks and toolboxes for practitioners. For the RISE Project, the appeal of the social enterprise model relates to its strong social purpose while also operating as a sustainable commercial entity. It is a model that is particularly relevant in the VET sphere as it facilitates learners to gain autonomy through creativity, co-operation, innovation and risk-taking all of which are necessary for the implementation of a successful social enterprise.

The key activities of the RISE Project will be the sharing of information on social enterprise activity in our respective countries, including local examples of successful enterprises as well as training methodologies and resources. Every partner will contribute to the final report which will include guidelines for the successful establishment of social enterprises drawn from best practice examples provided. The RISE Project will focus on the creation of positive social change for individuals and communities while at the same time enable our learners to harness their entrepreneurial potential in order to deliver a viable, commercial product or service within a spirit of co-operation and collectivism.

Project details

Ttile: Realising Integration through Social Enterprise

Project number: 2018-1-AT01-KA204-039213

Implementation period: 01/10/2018 –  30/06/2020


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