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Smart Adult Education is a strategic partnership project for innovation in adult education, lasting 24 months (October 2018-September 2020).
The SMART Adult Education project aims to respond to some of the priorities of the Erasmus + program in adult education. An essential key to foster the social and work inclusion of low-skilled adults is to constantly strengthen and update the professional skills of educators, an essential requirement to facilitate the transmission of alphabetic, mathematical, digital and transversal skills of adults themselves. Professional skills require heterogeneous and innovative tools and methodologies that range from the possibility of developing personalized learning strategies, to the possibility of helping adults to evaluate the skills acquired during their lifetime, identifying any training needs in relation to life goals, co-planning with adults possible strategies to acquire and / or develop further skills and knowledges and redesign themselves.
The direct target of the project are educators (teachers, trainers, social workers) involved in the permanent education of adults; the indirect target of the project are low-skilled adults.
The project aims to provide educators with digital tools, Open Source teaching resources, innovative learning methodologies and set of digital assessment tools (e-assessment) that facilitate their task in involving the target of adults most at risk of social exclusion. The project develops three Intellectual Outputs: WEB S.A.E. App, the Guide to the use of the WEB S.A.E App and the Toolkit E- Assessment S.A.E. (containing evaluation and self-assessment tools). WEB S.A.E. App will be accessible from all personal digital devices and in particular from the smartphone. These digital tools allow educators to strengthen the effectiveness of their training activities, to create engaging and creative training proposals, to exchange knowledge and know-how with other educators at national and European level; to evaluate the basic and soft skills of the low-skilled adults, helping them to plan life paths that improve their levels of social and work inclusion.
A systematic use of digital facilitates the task of educators making the educational and training action pleasant, motivating and easily accessible for adults, especially those who for reasons related to social extraction, age, gender, economic condition, to the history of life, to the geographical place of origin, have difficulty accessing to the classic paths of education and training.


Areas of the project

The institutions participating in SMART Adult Education are representative of 4 European countries: Italy, Spain, Romania, Greece. Coordinator of the project is Aretes a company that offers consulting services in the field of research, training, planning and communication for quality and social innovation. The partners are:
• CPIA NA1, an autonomous institution of the MIUR that carries out the training offer for adults and young people
• STUDIO ERRESSE, a cooperative company that deals with monitoring, evaluation, research, orientation and assessment of skills
• CIBERVOLUNTARIOS, a non-profit organization that uses new technologies to increase levels of active citizenship
• DO MUNDO LUME, a language school specialized in teaching modern foreign languages.
• AESD (RO), an organization engaged in the creation of digital training activities for adults with various levels of difficulty;
• DAFNI KEK (GR), an organization that carries out training activities in particular for learning digital skills, life skills and soft skills;
• TEIWEST is a public institution that deals with technological education.



The project includes the following implementation phases:
• IMPLEMENTATION (Aretes). During this phase, 3 meetings are scheduled with the main stakeholders to gather suggestions on lifelong learning policies; 1 thematic in-depth seminar to be carried out with educators; 1 focus on the learning needs of adults to be realized with adults.
• MONITORING AND EVALUATION (Studio Erresse and Aesd)
• DISSEMINATION (Dafni Keke). In this phase, 1 thematic in-depth seminar is planned on the contents to be realized with the educators; 1 focus on the learning needs of adults to be realized with adults.
• COMMUNICATION (Cibervoluntarios)


Project details

Title: SMART Adult Education

Reference number: 2018-1-IT02-KA204-048099

Implementation period: 01/12/2018 – 30/11/2020

Project website:

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