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The project “Multidimensional training of adult volunteers** to foster migrants” integrationî MAV elicits integration as evolutionary process of the society as a whole. Integration is seen as interactive system of relationships, related to choice and needs, and not only as static combination of individual situations.

Within this conceptual orientation, MAV integrates relevant considerations in the field in a comprehensive and innovative approach in order to promote “social inclusion” of migrants:

  • Involving stakeholders – key players such as professionals, trainers and policy makers in adult learning working with migrants (at individual and family level, especially women and women with children) from one side, and migrants having needs of finding a work and life perspective in the receiving country, hence of integrating in the hosting community, from the other side;
  • Implementing a combination of interconnected and real-life based adult learning addressed to migrant volunteers (through testing and validation);
    According to a framework and a specific methodology carefully designed to the scope of expanding in time far beyond the duration of the action, and from Germany and other five project countries (Italy, Romania, Greece, United Kingdom, Cyprus and Turkey), to the overall Union.

MAV is strongly committed to achieve “take-up and effective outreach” of the targeted migrants: the conceptual orientation of the project is based on integration to be promoted through involvement of migrant volunteers acting as mentors of other migrants. “Guidance and motivation strategies” are yet conceived as relevant tobjetives in order to achieve integration in a smooth but immediately effective manner, to stimulate the migrant volunteers to become propagators of the awareness, soft skills and comptences lernt within their wider migrants’ communities. The method choosen strategically combines into an integrated learning package traditional approaches with innovative motivation and guidance tools, to ensure the migrants volunteers’ interest, hence the propagation of the benefits of the MAV adult learning via these migrant volunteers to other migrants.

In this way, MAV will directly contribute to enhance the achievement of migrants integration, in the meanwhile promoting the sustainability of the project behind its completion.

**Disclaimer: When we use the term volunteers, we are referring to people that have chosen to give their time, knowledge and/or skills in the framework of their communities and to the interest of all. Especially when referring to migrants, we are talking about people with migration background and experiences that have freely chosen to be part of communities in which they exist in equal terms with the rest of the members. We do not support under any circumstances the exploitation and unpaid work of people for the profit interests of third parties. We are aware that there are many cases where volunteering has been used in a way that negate the very nature of its meaning, especially in the period of economic crises such as the one we live in today. For all of us (the partners of the project and our organisations as individual entities), volunteering is a means of active citizenship and social solidarity and according to this definition we proceed with our work.

Project details

Title: Multidimensional training of adult volunteers to foster migrants – MAV

Project number: 2017-1-DE02-KA204-004284

Duration: 1/11/2017 – 31/10/2019

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