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VTJ2 – 4th Newsletter

Our Vip-Tech-Job: Time 2 Act! project goes to Brussels

We are glad to announce that our project will hold its final conference at the European Parliament in Brussels, thanks to the support of the MEP Monica Semedo.  

Honourable Monica Semedo represents Luxembourg through the Renew Europe Group and is an active member of the EMPL (Employment and Social Affairs) and CULT (Culture and Education) Committees with a special focus and outstanding commitment to equal rights and people with disabilities.

We would like to express our gratitude for the exceptional support that MEP Semedo and her team have provided us in the visibility of the project and its results.

The final multiplier event of the VTJ2 project will take place on Thursday 9th March 2023 from 10:00 to 12:00 in Room 5E2 at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The conference will be interpreted synchronously to English and French and it will be also streamed live for those who would like to participate remotely.

After the completion of the event, participants will have the opportunity to join a networking and light lunch.

We would like to warmly invite you to fill in this registration form by 24th February 2023 and to stay up to date on the conference through our Google Event link

Please, feel free to contact VIEWS International at office@viewsinternational.eu to receive additional information.

Event Agenda

The following program showcases the provisional structure of the event:

09h30 Arrival and registration

10h00 Introduction and practicalities

10h05 Welcome speech by MEP Monica Semedo

10h20 VTJ2 project – An innovative approach to the employment of young people with visual impairment

  • Introduction to project and partners
  • Intellectual Output 1: VIP Job Accessibility Toolbox
  • Intellectual Output 2: VIP Job Podcast
  • Intellectual Output 3: VIP Job Video Pack

10h45 Presentation of young people’s considerations of an inclusive society (screening of VTJ2 documentary)

11h05 Panel discussion – How could the EU promote the inclusion of young people with disabilities in the job market?

11h40 Final keynote speech

11h50 Closing session by MEP SEMEDO

12h00 Conclusion

12h00 – 13h00 Networking and light lunch

This is the second page of the conference brochure that mentions the agenda of the conference
Screenshot of the agenda mentioned above in the format of the event’s brochure

Final partners’ meeting in Liège

VTJ2 partners will organize a last meeting on the 8th and 10th March in Liège (Belgium).

They will have the opportunity to discuss the project status, finalize each result and prepare all necessary documents for the completion of the Vip-Tech-Job: Time 2 Act!.

End of the VTJ2 project

After 2 years of effort and commitment, it is time for the VTJ2 project to come to an end.

Its results will reach a wider public and will be used by the VTJ2 target groups.

As expected, this moment is extremely important and emotional for the partners involved in the project. The consortium shared a cordial working environment with interesting discussions and insights during the development of the final products.

Starting from January and until the completion of the project in March, the national multiplier events will also take place in Italy, Spain and Greece and will feature interesting speakers from local stakeholders.

You will be able to review parts of the events through the reports that will be published in the final newsletter and on the project’s website.

If you are interested in the national multiplier events, feel free to contact the responsible partners by using the following emails:

• Fundación Docete Omnes (Spain): europa@doceteomnes.com    

• Soc. COOP. A.Fo.Ri.S.Ma. (Italy): europe@aforismatoscana.net 

• DAFNI KEK (Greece): info@kekdafni.gr 

As always, you can contact us and follow the progress of the project on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/viptechjob) and on our official website viptechjob.eu  

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